Exclusive distributor of Aril® amniotic tissue for ophthalmic applications

Easy on your Patient

Aril® is a unique high-purity acellular amniotic tissue, designed to reduce irritants that may cause inflammatory response and discomfort in the patient’s eye.  Major patient benefits include:

  • Comfortable
  • No painful ring required for placement
  • Translucent upon application
  • Bioactive peptides promote healing
  • Reduces need to callback or revisit physician office
  • Round or oval shapes designed for the eye


Aril’s patented process eliminates potentially inflammation-causing cells of the chorion and epithelium, with greater than 95% reduction in DNA. Furthermore, Aril®ᅠprocessing uses no cryo-preservants, cross-linkers, or antibiotics that may cause reaction in the eye. This results in an amniotic tissue that is far more comfortable for the patient, reducing the need for call backs or additional visits.


This photo series demonstrates a patient with a foreign body removed, treated with Aril® amniotic membrane from under an Acuvue® Oasis® contact lens. The Aril® disc used was 8mm, enough to cover defect on all sides by 1-2mm.  Photographs are courtesy of J.T. Kavanagh MD, Eye Associates of South Texas (830) 379-3937; www.EyeAssociatesofSouthTexas.com.











Fluorescein dye with cobalt blue filter – showing the epithelial
defect with Aril® allograft in place. Aril® becomes translucent upon application.











Epithelial defect is closed after five days. The amniotic membrane
will generally dissolve over 2-8 days.











Post healed eye using fluorescein dye and blue filter. There is no evidence

of the epithelial defect. Further details of this study can be seen in this video.


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