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The acellular amniotic tissue

Why is Aril® so comfortable?

  • Aril® is an acellular amniotic membrane containing bioactive peptides for healing
  • Aril® processing eliminates potentially inflammation-causing cells of the chorion and epithelium, with greater than 95% reduction in DNA
  • Aril® processing uses no cryo-preservants, cross-linkers or antibiotics that may cause reaction in the eye
  • Aril® placement is achieved without a ring


Aril® is the acellular allograft amniotic membrane – designed to be both easy on your patient and easy on your practice.  Patients will benefit from Aril’s high purity, which reduces irritants that can cause pain, discomfort, and ultimately costly patient returns to your office. Your practice will benefit from Aril’s ease of application, long shelf life and low cost.

This unique amniotic membrane tissue is manufactured using a novel decellularization and stabilization process, providing the ultimate patient comfort and healing in the treatment of eye injury and disease. Biomaterials are depleted of cell and cellular contents without imparting unintentional alterations to the extracellular matrix. This purification technology results in greater than 95% reduction in DNA, enhancing patient comfort while maintaining amnion healing properties. Aril is available in round or oval shaped precut configurations. The shape plays a vital role in new cell migration.
Sizes include the following:

  • 5mm Disc (round)
  • 8mm Disc (round)
  • 10.5mm Disc (round)
  • 15mm Disc (round)
  • 1cm x 2cm Ellipse (oval)


Aril® is derived from human placental tissue collected from consenting donors. The Extracellular Matrix (ECM) components available in the allograft allow for a regulated and regenerative healing process. Amnion is known to have components of long chain high molecular weight HA, collagens, fibronectin, proteoglycans, laminin, and growth factors. Prior to being packaged in a double-pouch packaging system and subjected to low dose gamma irradiation, Aril® is processed, stabilized, and precision configured using proprietary process technologies. To learn more about the proprietary Aril processing, please visit seedbiotech.net.


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